What does Eco Friendly mean?

Many of us do not completely understand what Eco Friendly is, although we come across the term quite often. When we say Eco Friendly, we address anything that is created to benefit the Ecosystem that we live in, or causes minimal damage to it. But, according to us, at Greenstick, Eco Friendly is a “way of life”. We believe that the term does not limit itself to products. Eco Friendly is a “state of mind” that all living beings on earth carry. Nature has designed and created itself to balance out every activity that goes around on the planet. Every creature on earth is programmed to give back as much as it takes from the earth. But, we as human beings, went a little off-track for quite some time; ending up taking a lot from nature, and giving back nothing but damage.

Man has recently started realising the importance of the term Eco Friendly again when the damage caused by us on nature backfired and started creating havoc. Every person who understands the importance of nature, intends to protect it and cause minimal damage to it, is Eco Friendly. So, Eco-Friendly means anything and anyone who intends good for the environment.

At Greenstick, we contribute to Eco-Friendliness by creating a range of stationary products out of jute and recycled paper to replace the plastic substitute of them. Some of our products include – Recycled Pencils, Recycled Pens; a Plantable range of Pencils, Greetings Cards, Memosheets, Envelops, etc. The range of Plantable products are embedded with seeds that grow into exotic plants when disposed of.

What is Recycling and how does it help Nature?

Another familiar word that too needs to be addressed. Recycling is the process where a product or resource, when used, is taken through certain procedures to turn them back into usable raw materials again. Recycling is more importantly needed for products that are made of materials that are non-biodegradable (that is not naturally consumed back by the environment). Metal, hazardous pesticides and chemicals, and plastic are some examples of non-biodegradable materials.

They stay the way they are if left alone and untreated, gradually becoming a dump of garbage on the face of the earth. The process of Recycling helps use these materials repeatedly to create products of use. This way, we can create more and more products out of the same materials. Hence, these materials do not pile up to damage the environment.

Presently, recycling Plastic is of most importance. It is highly dangerous, containing a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA) which causes major health hazards like low immunity, reproductive problems, neurological problems, etc., in both humans and animals. Plastic, being highly used in making shopping bags, cloth covers, cups, water bottles, etc., mostly exists in a thin state. Hence, it gets easily defragmented into the smallest of units and spreads to great distances, polluting the ocean, land and air massively.

Greenstick was created with the motive to create Eco Friendly stationeries out of recycled materials. Every product that we have here is made of recycled materials and is completely biodegradable, not adding a single bit of pollutant on the earth. We use recycled newspapers, papers, cardboards, jute, etc to create our products.

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How can we save ourselves and Mother Earth?

Well, to be true, Mother Earth is huge and the rate of plastic spread too is huge. But that does not mean that we can’t extend our hands and contribute as much effort as we can to save her.

  1. The first thing that needs to be done is to stop using any kind of plastic products and also spread awareness to people around us.
  2. Start using products made of jute, cloth, or paper instead of plastic to keep the environment clean.
  3. Plant as many trees as you can as trees can consume the excess carbon content in the environment that we release.
  4. Reuse every piece of plastic that you find so it doesn’t pollute the environment.
  5. Use products made out of biodegradable materials as much as possible.

These little contributions made by us towards nature can one day lower down the use of hazardous materials and help revive Mother Earth back to health.

At Greenstick, we have DIY Plantation Kits and Seed Balls to help the cause. Every content in the kits are completely biodegradable, leaving no pollutants at all. The kit is created with the intent to have more green around and help nature. The kit comes with a Cocopot, cocodiscs, gloves, a set of instructions and 2 Seed Balls. We also have Seed Balls of various shapes to make the activity more enjoyable.

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