Recycled Pencils

Recycled Newspaper Pencils, Plantable Pencils, Paper Crayons, Plantable Crayons

Plantable pencils are newspaper pencils with seeds embedded in the end. Seeds are put in the capsule and this capsule is inserted on the pencil from the top. Paper crayons are newspaper pencils with colorful leads. This comes in a pack of 12 pencils in a round box. Seed crayons are newspaper pencils with colorful leads and have seeds embedded in the end. Grow a plant once your pencil is about to finish!

Recycled Pens & Plantable Pens

Made from recycled paper, these pen contain very little plastic. . Seeds are put in the capsule and this capsule is inserted on the pen from the top. Seeds germinate in a time span of 5-10 days. Switch to these to work towards a sustainable and greener environment. Spread the word- Sustainability with a variety of pens - Recycled Pens & Plantable Pens.

Plantable Notebooks

Plantable notebooks are notebooks which have seeds in the paper. This comes in two formats – one with plantable cover and the second with all plantable sheets inside. This starts from 40 writable pages and can go up till 200 pages with wire – o binding. We also make plantable annual planners every year which reminds you to stay connected to Nature!

Plantable Calendar

A Plantable Calendar after use when thrown will sprout into beautiful plants, every month! Bury the pages of the calendar to see it bloom into a wonderful fruits and vegetables.

Plantation kits & Seed Balls

Plantation Kit and Seed Balls establish a greener and healthier environment. Completely biodegradable and organic. They provide the most favorable environment for the seeds to grow happily.

Our Plantation Kit consists of cocopeat,, coco disc, a pair of biodegradable gloves, flyer with instructions, stick with seed’s name, envelope with seeds. For an attractive look.

Seed Balls consist of cocopeat and seeds that come in various shapes. Reduces pollution as every single component of the kit decomposes. Add meaning to the life of your loved ones by not just gifting them this, but a lifetime of good health and sustainablity.

Plantable Cards

Plantable Visiting Cards, Plantable Greetings Cards For All Occasions.

Keep your gift delicate and elegant with the first-ever Plantable Card for any occasion that promotes ethical consciousness and sustainability.

Plantable Stationery

Plantable Envelopes, Plantable Memo Sheets, Plantable Bookmarks

Make your stationary sustainable with plantable stationery that consists of plantable envelopes, plantable memo sheets, plantable bookmarks, etc.. Every time you use up a product from this stationary and dispose off, you see a beautiful plant bloom!

Eco Friendly Kit

Our eco friendly kits are very budget friendly and suitable for any occasions ! The starter’s kit includes -

  • 1 plantable notebook
  • 1 paper pencil
  • 1 paper pen
  • 1 plantable pencil
  • 1 plantable pen
  • 2 seed balls packed a cardboard box.

  • We have bigger kits where our eco friendly stuff is packed in beautiful jute / cotton potli / cardboard baskets and that gives the whole pack a beautiful look!